In the Riga development strategy for the years up to 2030, Skanste has been defined as a priority development territory, which is to become the 21st century Riga showcase: the central business district and quality living and work environment for thousands of Rigans. The geographical location and future prospects make Skanste an attractive environment for the life, business activity and investment of contemporary city dwellers.

Geographical location

Skanste is located on the right bank of the Daugava River and forms a part of the compact center of Riga.  Its main traffic artery is Skanstes Street, but the neighborhood boundaries are delineated by Pulkveža Brieža, Hanzas, Vesetas and Duntes Streets, as well as Ganību Dambis and the railroad. Adjacent to Skanste are the Centrs, Pētersala-Andrejsala, Brasa and Sarkandaugava neighborhoods.

Skanste today

Many international companies and banks have chosen Skanste as the location for their headquarters. Where kitchen gardens predominated relatively recently, state-of-the art office space, sports facilities of national significance and housing that meets all the requirements of contemporary life are found. The new, modern buildings have been designed by well-known architects from Latvia, Germany, Finland, Canada and Lithuania. Next to the newly constructed buildings are comfortable sidewalks and bicycle paths as well as green spaces and children's playgrounds.  

In the future, important public buildings are planned for Skanste:  

Museum of Contemporary Art (2021);

Modern infrastructure:

a new tramline (2021);

revitalization of the kitchen garden territory by building new streets, engineering networks and an innovative rainwater management system;

New energy-efficient office buildings:

PLACE ELEVEN (2016) – 14-storey A-class office building;

Skanste Business Center (2018) – five A-class office buildings;

A-class office building (2019) – this top class office space will be located next to the headquarters of ABLV Bank;

ABLV Bank headquarters (2019) – the most modern financial institution meeting the most discriminating requirements;

NP Properties office complex (2020) – a complex of modern offices, commercial spaces and apartments;

New Hanza (2033) -- a business center and housing territory located in the Skanste neighborhood between Pulkveža Brieža, Hanzas, Skanstes and Sporta Streets.

New energy efficient apartment buildings:

Skanstes Parks (2017) – a complex of apartment buildings that will be supplemented by a beautiful park;

Medium-class apartment building (2019) – will be located in the territory of New Hanza;

NP Properties apartment complex (2020) – apartments, modern office and commercial spaces;

Premium class apartment quarter (2021) – 89 apartments, commercial spaces and underground parking.

Recreation area:

City Garden (2019) – a well-tended and beautiful garden of 16,000 square meters in the territory of New Hanza.


An organization established by the most significant developers and owners of the Skanste neighborhood, who seeks to develop Skanste as an investment magnet in the city; a location for European-scale events and, most importantly, as a high-quality and ecological environment for business and city dwelling.  

The following companies are members of the agency: Merks, New Hanza (member of ABLV group), E.L.L. Kinnisvara, NP Properties, LNK Group and Hanner.

The chairman of the Skanste Development Agency is Mārtiņš Vanags.