kim? Contemporary Art Centre was founded in 2009. The name of kim? is no less than an abbreviation of an insistent question “what is art?" (“kas ir māksla?” in Latvian). Our organization is offering a certain range of activities such as exhibitions, lectures, discussions, a library, publications and other events related to recent art, theory and social issues introduced by means of local and international corpus of ideas, beliefs and individuals. kim? supports the development of emerging artists, theoreticians, curators, philosophers, translators and thinkers of other spheres aiming to provide a responsive context to their work and to make critical practices accessible to a wider audience.

Since 2009, more than a 150 local and international artist exhibitions have been organized by kim? and the basis for regular lectures, seminars, screenings and performances has been set. Exhibitions and the related program is curated by kim? as well as in collaboration with guest curators and other institutions.

As of 2010,  we have started working on a long-term project: the promotion and publication of a specific range of essays and texts on art, art theory and criticism, and selected translations.


Other sites

Arena Riga is the largest multifunctional events center in Latvia and one of the most significant buildings of this type in the Baltics. In Arena Riga, large-scale sports, music, cultural and entertainment events take place.
The permanent exhibition serves as an introduction to the history of Latvian firefighting from mid-19th century to the present day. Here it is possible to view firefighters' uniforms, awards and other accessories as well as try one's hand at putting out a fire and learn interesting facts about the history of firefighting in Latvia and the everyday routines of firefighters.