In the Riga city development strategy for up to 2030, Skanste has been defined as a priority territory for development and is set to become the 21st century business card of Riga: the central business district of the capital, a platform for European-scale events and, what's most important, a quality life and work environment for many thousands of Rigans.

The projects successfully carried out up to now are going to be supplemented by new office and housing complexes; between Pulkveža Brieža, Hanzas, Skanstes and Sporta Streets the business and residential complex New Hanza will be developed.
At the start of the implementation of the large scale development plans, a bronze sculpture of a bull has been unveiled in the territory of New Hanza ordered by ABLV Bank (its author is the well-known artist Ģļebs Panteļejevs) as a visual symbol for the development of the quarter and the slogan labor omnia vincit – "work conquers all. In the future, the New Hanza quarter will be formed by several 6-20 storey office buildings, as well as a residential complex and a new park.

12 493
number of population and jobs in 2017

42 713
potential number of population and jobs in 2024

At least € 5 mil.annually
Additional Riga City tax revenue after the completion of development plans

In order to achieve the goal set forth in the Riga development strategy, revitalization of the degraded territories of the neighborhood is necessary, starting with the construction of streets and engineer networks. Perfecting the transport infrastructure, the long awaited reconstruction of Skanstes Street will take place, including the dismantling of the old railway branch and setting up a new tram line.

The new low-floor tramline is expected to be 3.6 kilometers long and cover the route Sporta iela–Skanstes iela–Zirņu iela–Senču iela–Pērnavas iela. The tramline will link the Skanste neighborhood with the Central Train Station, which will be one of the stops on the international railway Rail Baltica currently under construction.


Objekti skanste-2030

An apartment with a park! In 2015, the construction work began in the Skanste neighborhood on a new complex of residential buildings with the collective name of Skanstes Parks. The buildings will be complemented by a beautiful and green park. All three of the Skanstes Parks buildings were completed in 2016.
Over the next few years, a new low-floor tramline will be built, which will be 3.6 kilometers long.
A-class nearly zero energy building designed and is being built to comply with the BREEAM Excellent standard.
A well-tended, beautiful garden of 16,000 m2 will be located in the territory of New Hanza.
The centre will be located in the place allotted for the spectator stands of the new Hanza stadium's football field. The building will include stands with seating for 1000 spectators, a spacious dressing-room area, premises for fitness training, physical therapy, medical care, accommodation for athletes and administration, as well as a café.
ELEMENTAL Business Centre office complex class A office buildings are designed in BIM and according to BREEAM standards.
Right next to Riga’s historical centre and Skanste, a modern Riga neighbourhood, the new urban district of New Hanza is emerging. The territory boundaries of New Hanza are marked by Pulkveža Brieža, Hanzas, Skanstes, and Sporta Streets.