Skanste is a place of excitement and adventure.

Here a number of sports infrastructure buildings of national significance are located, including Arena Riga, which is the venue for practically all important hockey and basketball games, as well as concerts and shows, and the Olympic Center with its sports arena and swimming pool. The bicycle paths and wide sidewalks are part of what makes the neighborhood an environment friendly to cyclists and runners pursuing a healthy lifestyle, maintaining their athletic form or training for a competition. Incidentally, the route of the annual Riga marathon also includes Skanstes Street!



Arena Riga is the largest multifunctional events center in Latvia and one of the most significant buildings of this type in the Baltics. In Arena Riga, large-scale sports, music, cultural and entertainment events take place.
The Olympic Sports Center was built where the race track used to be. Now workouts, competitions in various sports disciplines on national and international scale as well as public events take place here – the 2006 NATO summit is just one example.
Lovers of sports and recreation have the luxury to use to a large and state-of-the-art swimming pool at the Olympic Center. The pool has six lanes and is 1.30 to 2.30 meters deep.
The football field with artificial covering serves as a place for sports training, football practices and games.
The path is 6.6 kilometers long and it allows one to travel from the center of the city to Mežaparks in just 25 minutes.
A well-tended, beautiful garden of 16,000 m2 will be located in the territory of New Hanza.