Skanste's geographical location and developed network of streets make the neighborhood easily accessible both by car and public transportation.

The public buildings have open-air or underground parking. A bicycle path connects the center of Riga and Mežaparks. In the future, additional transportation infrastructure solutions are planned for the Skanste neighborhood, including a connection to the Riga Northern Transport Corridor and the possibility of using the train.



SIA Kapitel is currently working on increasing the number of parking spaces in the neighborhood of Skanste.
Parking lot hours: daily 00.00–24.00. EuroPark parking at Hanzas Perons is the largest pay parking lot in the Skanste neighborhood.
Currently, the Skanste neighborhood has a moderately well developed network of streets, which is being purposefully and gradually perfected. The neighborhood is easily reached from other territories in Riga via the main streets.
Several public transportation routes go through or along the Skanste neighborhood making for easy access to any location.
The Center–Mežaparks bicycle path was unveiled in 2007. It begins at the intersection of Skanstes and Hanzas Streets, running along Skanstes and then Gaujas Street, crossing the railroad at Brasa Station and then, along Ķīšezera Street and Kokneses Boulevard leading to Meža Boulevard.
Over the next few years, a new low-floor tramline will be built, which will be 3.6 kilometers long.