Here the modern center of Riga is being built!
Without a doubt, the Skanste neighborhood is becoming the most modern part of the Riga center. Next to the Historic Center and so-called "Quiet Center" of the city, contemporary, high quality construction is taking place here, attracting residents and businesses and fostering the competitiveness of Riga both at the regional and European levels.
Skanste is situated on the right-hand bank of the Daugava and is part of the compact center of Riga. The central traffic artery of the neighborhood is Skanstes iela and its borders are marked by Pulkveža Brieža, Hanzas, Vesetas and Duntes ielas, as well as Ganību dambis and the railroad.
Nearby the Center, Pētersala-Andrejsala, Brasa and Sarkandaugava neighborhoods are located.

214,8 ha
neighborhood area

12 493
the number of population and jobs in 2017

42 713
the potential number of population and jobs in 2024
Its location and promising future make Skanste an attractive environment for contemporary urban lifestyle, business and investment. Many international companies and banks have already chosen Skanste as the location for their headquarters. Where kitchen garden plots dominated only recently, now the most advanced offices, sports infrastructure units of national significance and state-of-the-art housing are found. These new, elegant buildings are the work of well known architects from Latvia, Germany, Finland, Canada and Lithuania. Next to the finished buildings, there are sidewalks for pedestrians and bicycle paths, greenery, playgrounds and areas for sports and recreation. In the future, several parks are planned in Skanste.

When they are carried out, the many ambitious plans will make the Skanste neighborhood the calling card of 21st century Riga.
In the coming years, such important buildings will be erected in Skanste as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Riga Conference and Concert Center as well as new top or Class A office and living spaces, providing opportunities available only in a state-of-the-art urban environment.

Objekti skanste-sodien

Skanstes City is one of the largest office campus in Riga, where A and B class offices are located for rent in 9 buildings. Here is everything for the dynamic and successful development of the company - excellent premises, experienced and professional manager, BREEAM in-use sustainability certification, as well - developed surrounding infrastructure.
The story of Hanzas Perons origins goes back to the mid 18th and 19th centuries, when there was a railway line built in Riga to Mangaļi district with a branch to Andrejsala grain elevator. And this is where Riga’s cargo railway station was created, where the last cargo was loaded in 2009. Nowadays there are just a few buildings left in the neighbourhood, but the idea to connect the far and the different for mutual benefit has remained and the place was reborn into a new and modern location called Hanzas Perons.
Place Eleven is a 14-storey-high Class A office building that will be put into operation, at the end of 2016.
Arena Riga is the largest multifunctional events center in Latvia and one of the most significant buildings of this type in the Baltics. In Arena Riga, large-scale sports, music, cultural and entertainment events take place.
The Olympic Sports Center was built where the race track used to be. Now workouts, competitions in various sports disciplines on national and international scale as well as public events take place here – the 2006 NATO summit is just one example.
AS Rietumu Banka is one of the largest banks in the Baltic region, specializing in providing services to large businesses and well-to-do private individuals.
26VESETAS is a living space that fits into the city, with like-minded neighbours, comfortable surroundings and friendly vicinity.
The Sporta2 square is becoming Riga's top-choice destination for art, technology and food lovers, healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, for local people as well as long and short term visitors. It is a great place to work, live, create and have fun.
kim? Contemporary Art Centre was founded in 2009. The name of kim? is no less than an abbreviation of an insistent question “what is art?" (“kas ir māksla?” in Latvian). Our organization is offering a certain range of activities such as exhibitions, lectures, discussions, a library, publications and other events related to recent art, theory and social issues introduced by means of local and international corpus of ideas, beliefs and individuals.
The permanent exhibition serves as an introduction to the history of Latvian firefighting from mid-19th century to the present day. Here it is possible to view firefighters' uniforms, awards and other accessories as well as try one's hand at putting out a fire and learn interesting facts about the history of firefighting in Latvia and the everyday routines of firefighters.
Lovers of sports and recreation have the luxury to use to a large and state-of-the-art swimming pool at the Olympic Center. The pool has six lanes and is 1.30 to 2.30 meters deep.
Skanstes Mājas is a complex of high quality residences adjoining the newly built Skanstes virsotnes. It consists of three buildings with apartments whose floor space varies from 50 to 150 m2.
Skanstes Virsotnes is one of the most modern construction projects in Latvia. The complex is comprised of four 24-storey high-rises.
Hours: 10.00–21.00 SKY hours: 09.00–22.00
The Riga Regional Center of Emergency Medical Services is located right next to the Skanste neighborhood, providing speedy medical help in emergencies 24 hours a day.
This is the only private medical center in the Baltics specializing in trauma and orthopedic care, treatment of spinal ailments and rheumatism.
The hospital provides high quality medical care in case of muscular or skeletal trauma or diseases.
This is the largest and most advanced clinic of this type in Latvia, providing consultations and services of medical doctors of various specialties.
The football field with artificial covering serves as a place for sports training, football practices and games.
The path is 6.6 kilometers long and it allows one to travel from the center of the city to Mežaparks in just 25 minutes.
Luminor is the 3rd largest financial services provider in the Baltic banking market.
The motto of the School, "Future is made today," also reflects the development situation of the Skanste neighborhood. The BA School of Business and Finance is located right next to the future business center of Riga and is the leading university in Latvia providing outstanding education in the field.
This is the first school in Riga whose name did not contain a number. The school was established in 1993 implementing both the basic education program and the different special secondary education programs.
The education program for preschool is implemented here. Children from the age of 1.5 accepted. The language of instruction is Latvian.
The general education program for preschool is implemented for children beginning with the age of three and a preschool education program for minorities is implemented for children beginning with the age of 1.5. Minorities' languages are used for instruction along with Latvian.
Preschool education program for minorities is implemented here for children beginning with the age of 1.5. The language of instruction is that of particular minorities.
The education program for preschool is implemented here. Children from the age of 1.5 accepted. The language of instruction is Latvian.
TechHub Riga is a community and workspace for new technologies established in 2012 with the goal of creating an environment that would help product-oriented startups to grow faster and to achieve more successful results.
A new and modern Class A business center in a 14-storey building with a two-level parking garage for 160 cars.
LNK or the Class A office building of Latvian Innovation Complex (Latvijas Novitātes Complex) was opened for operations in 2006. Originally built for and used by the bank Latvijas Krājbanka, as of 2014, it is the headquarters of LNK Centre.
Pillar is one of Latvia’s leading real estate development and construction companies which has been operating in the industry since 2006.
Class A two-storey office building with a guarded parking lot reconstructed in 2011 complete with the latest security, energy efficiency and climate control systems. The building has laconic architecture with high quality finish.
Luminor is the 3rd largest financial services provider in the Baltic banking market.
AS Rietumu Banka is one of the largest banks in the Baltic region, specializing in providing services to large businesses and well-to-do private individuals. The central office of AS Rietumu Banka, Rietumu Capital Centre, is one of the most modern business centers in the Baltics, for which the architects' bureau Zenico projekts received the 2010 Annual Prize in Riga Architecture.
Parking lot hours: daily 00.00–24.00. EuroPark parking at Hanzas Perons is the largest pay parking lot in the Skanste neighborhood.
Currently, the Skanste neighborhood has a moderately well developed network of streets, which is being purposefully and gradually perfected. The neighborhood is easily reached from other territories in Riga via the main streets.
Several public transportation routes go through or along the Skanste neighborhood making for easy access to any location.
The Center–Mežaparks bicycle path was unveiled in 2007. It begins at the intersection of Skanstes and Hanzas Streets, running along Skanstes and then Gaujas Street, crossing the railroad at Brasa Station and then, along Ķīšezera Street and Kokneses Boulevard leading to Meža Boulevard.
Established in 2006, the goal of FS METTA could be summed up as family—football—education, to be achieved through a multi-faceted football environment and infrastructure, fine-tuning the athletic abilities of young people and fostering their intellectual, creative development as well as their sense of responsibility.