Street network

Currently, the Skanste neighborhood has a moderately well developed network of streets, which is being purposefully and gradually perfected. The neighborhood is easily reached from other territories in Riga via the main streets. The central traffic artery of the neighborhood is Skanstes Street which, in the coming years, is expected to be reconstructed and modernized, including a new tram line. In addition, development of the degraded territories of the neighborhood in accordance of the image of the modern center of Riga is also planned, starting with the construction of additional streets and engineer networks on the currently undeveloped side of Skanstes Street.

Other sites

The path is 6.6 kilometers long and it allows one to travel from the center of the city to Mežaparks in just 25 minutes.
Several public transportation routes go through or along the Skanste neighborhood making for easy access to any location.