The story of Hanzas Perons origins goes back to the mid 18th and 19th centuries, when there was a railway line built in Riga to Mangaļi district with a branch to Andrejsala grain elevator. And this is where Riga’s cargo railway station was created, where the last cargo was loaded in 2009. Nowadays there are just a few buildings left in the neighbourhood, but the idea to connect the far and the different for mutual benefit has remained and the place was reborn into a new and modern location called Hanzas Perons.

The building at 16A Hanzas Street is located within Riga’s historical centre protection zone, which is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. This industrial monument’s rebirth story started in 2003, when ABLV Bank took it over and decided to make it a magnet and a symbolic gate from Riga’s art nouveau neighbourhood to the broad territory of New Hanza. The extensive reconstruction works at the building started in 2017, following the idea of architect Reinis Liepiņš – to unite the building’s 120 years long history with a modern approach in creating a multifunctional venue for culture and art.

This is the first culture venue of this scale built in Latvia after restoration of independence for private funds only. Hanzas Perons opened its doors for the audiences in August 2019.

Hanzas iela 16A, Riga, LV-1045
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